Stolen Innocence

A train ticket to New York City
the over used branded logo locale,
the city of opposing dreams,
of hypocrites and schemes,
swallowed me.

It started with a kiss,
a moonlight job where I get to know men
who rob the innocent of their pennies
to throw them at me
when I’m made up and miserable.

This city has calloused even my tears,
I’m built with a strength sharper than spears-

It’s not what I pictured when I moved here,
but this place is about survival.

The one way ticket on a fast track,
stole my innocence away.

But at night, when I’m all alone,
I stay awake,
holding onto the memory
of innocent days.


2 thoughts on “Stolen Innocence”

  1. Its interesting for me finally hear the perspective of an outsider who is pensive enough to see the city’s effect on people. Most who come from other places get so caught up in the sights and things to do
    They often rave that the city is their favorite place to be, but only because they aren’t used to the action. May I ask where you moved from and what the inspirations/influences for this piece were?


    1. Thanks for commenting, It really means the world to me when people reach out to me about my writing. I think when I have strong feelings I need to write about them to help me overcome them. I guess the inspiration and influence was just NYC. I moved from Philly where community is strong and being rich isn’t important. In NYC there’s such an “every man for himself” mentality, and it was really hard for me, being so sensitive, to adjust. Now I can see and experience all of these things but I’ve grown used to, and maybe desensitized to them. I’m just not fulfilled by money or material things.


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