A Poem about sending a message, pt. 1

He held a message in a bottle,
with his chapped and curious hands.
It washed up in a crimson wave,
That beat down on the scattered sands.

He wondered who had sent it,
And if they’d known he’d get it-
Maybe someone was watching the man,
Maybe the note contained an important plan?

He marveled at the possibilities,
Of what the encased words could be-
But try as he might to remove the cork,
It seemed the thing was just plain stuck.

He tried smashing the bottle on the rocks
Where the dark seas beat down,
But the note began floating away,
The ink began to drown.

He snatched the paper from the waves,
Hoping to save
The note that had traveled to him-

But the words were smeared and illegible,
The mysterious message was ruined.

Often now he ponders,
what that paper might have said;
If his disaster caused problems,
Maybe left someone dead.

But in the end we cannot change,
The way in which fate performs.
The ocean swallowed the letter,
And the man will remember forever.


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