An excerpt from my book….

The water was beryl blue, rippling in no consecutive order or routine as raindrops fell where they pleased, disrupting the seas, as the sky cracked lightning and thunder like a whip, I wondered if god was enraged. God. It’s a topic I have trouble talking about, but I believe in it. (Not him). In my mind God is not a he, nor a she, nor a person, nor a race, nor a color. In my mind I imagine god to be energy, the strongest culmination of positive energy, while his direct opposite, is bad energy, or as some may call it- The Devil.

They represent the extremes of good and bad, they are the creators. They live in the seeds we sow, in the hatred we breed, in the happiness we search to achieve, in the extent of each breath we take, and in the intensions we release. Whooooosh. The winds blew hard against the windows of the room in which we stayed and I could hear the ocean turning into chaos and I smiled knowing no one could ever placate its waves, no one would ever understand the ocean’s entirety, the world beneath water which we only know in small portions, this knowing of the existent unknown calmed me somehow.

I watched the crystal blue water turn darker as the sun lowered behind the grey-white clouds. In the course of thirty minutes during which I’d stared longingly from the balcony at this scenario of raw and earthly chaos the light had dissapeared and the sky had turned charcoal grey. I could only see the color of the ocean when lightning ruptured the sky for a bright moment. I shivered when thunder cracked its whip. I wondered if God was upset or if he just wanted to remind us, distract us, from thinking only of ourselves.


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