Today is the only day that matters

As we drove along the highway
the celestial star we know as sun
was born again.

It was sunday morning.
The old mountain by the river
with his split edges and stories,
never looked smaller
than he did in the pale aurora sunrise.

The grass growing from my head
was raw at the scalp
from tossing and turning
over thoughts of tomorrow

last night,
You said today is the only day that matters.
Today is May 28th
and I’m with you in your car
head resting on your lap
while you tell me dirty jokes.

I smile,
half asleep,

You tell me there’s dirt in my hair
and I tell you that it’s more like grass than hair,
and grass needs dirt to be happy.

You smile watching me with pilgrim eyes.
They tell me,

I’m the most beautiful garden you’ve ever held
in your lap.

They tell me
they’ll love me until flowers bloom
like laughter
from my chest.

I catch myself thinking ahead,
to when I’m more florescent
and less seedy,
and I remember that you like
my messy garden head,

I remember,
today is May 28th.


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