Winters Child

The sky dropped its curtains over me today.
Grey like winters coat
lined frigid and white
with dark clouds
that never let my pores breath.
We vibrate together,
don’t you see?
You were born in the winter.
I know, because your lips curl up when my skin shivers.
You like the weather heimal and bleak,
this is how you protect yourself.
This is how you loose yourself,
ambiguous friend.
I won’t beg,
but reconsider your forecast.
You created this climate
I’m shivering,
please reconsider,
I’m cold.
Reconsider throwing me under the thunderclouds
that you’ve racked up, stirred in,
prepared and pushed me under.
I’m afraid,
but I won’t fight back
your urge to establish attention.
I’ll just lay, deliberately still,
shaking amply beneath your threatening skies.
I know you will shake too,
with your own biting chill
pumping painfully in your veins.
Your train of thought will slow with your cold blood
as you watch me and chaos meet
in the middle.
I don’t believe this is what you want,
winters children want warmth,
you are freezing.
I understand.
But please
try to understand,
that when l catch on fire and burn alive,
lightning radial through my spine-
I don’t believe you’ll feel satisfied
by your glacial chaos.

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