Ode to Metamorphosis

My inner peace had resided
so far within me that there
I was clinging to you
like a sorry squid dragged out of the ocean.

It missed me, the ocean did,
because every damn day
salt water fell from my eyes

Leaving you, impatient,
wiping the tears away.

How silly I was

to lean,
or push,

are not me.

And we are both,


So this,
is an ode to metamorphosis.

I feel stronger now,
I’d been struggling to get free-

here I am,
wings open,

cobalt metallic blue, and gold in the crevices.
They are growing bright and beautiful,
representing me, and only me.

Now when I look at myself,
I see all of my beauty,
like wings of independence placed firm on my shoulders.

Now I look at you,
and I wonder
when too,
you’ll be able to fly.


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